2020: My Year in Google Searches

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

January 13th: United Airlines Hawaii June

January 26th: Sandals perfect luau

February 3rd: Valentines sexy lingerie

February: 18th: China bat illness

March 5th: What Covid-19?

March 11th: Who dies Covid

March 23rd: Lockdown mean.

March 27th: Amazon masks

March 27th: Amazon toilet paper

March 27th: Amazon Lysol wipes

April 2nd: Who Fauci

April 13th: Amazon sweat pants

April 17th: How long until normal?

April 23rd: Social distancing memorial day?

May 13th: Travel Hawaii recommended?

May 22nd: RV rental how much

May 30th: Dry cough Covid

June 1st: Allergies or Covid

June 3rd: Covid testing sites

June 19th: Negative test reliable

June 20th: Biden VP?

June 28th: United Airlines Hawaii refund

July 1st: Vaccine when

July 17th : Family insane need help

July 30th: Amazon sweat pants large

August 5th: How to teach Algebra

August 12th: Why?

August 14th: School opening dangerous?

August 17th : Kamala Harris

September 10th: Hearing voices in head main reason

September: Therapist in area

Oct 2nd: Trump Covid

October 27th : Halloween dangerous?

November 3rd: Election results

November 4th: Election results

November 5th: Election results

November 6th: Morphine no prescription needed

November 6th: Election results

November 7th: World celebrations

November 8th: No concession?

November 10th: No concession?

November 11th: No concession?

November 15th: Lawsuits?

November 17th: MICHIGAN?

November 18th: DEMOCRACY?

November 18th: FUCKING ASSHOLE!

November 19th: Giuliani melt down hair dye


December 1st: Amazon sweat pants x-large

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